Samples: Unimprinted samples are available for your presentations. Cost for these samples will be billed at EQP plus freight. Books in factory condition may be returned for credit.

INSERT PAGE: The fist page of the book can be imprinted with your clients logo, message or advertisement.
Cost: $1.75 (T)
Set-Up: $48.00 (T)
HAND SIGNED: Books are traditionally customized with a hand written signature or note. A hand-signed name, a hand-written thank-you from the client or motivational message will be inscribed on the inside of the front cover or title page.
Cost: Individuals or Company name only: $1.00 (T)
Individuals name AND Company name: $1.50 (T)
Message: Up to 20 words: $1.75 (T)
Message: 21 to 40 words: $2.25 (T)
No Set-Up Charges apply for orders over 6 pieces. For under 5 pieces or less, please add a handling charge. $20.00 (T)
COVER IMPRINT: If the cover of the book is imprintable, we can stamp that cover with a 1-color logo. We suggest the use of Gold or White as the color of choice for most covers. We will work with you for specific colors to satisfy your clients.
6-12 pieces: $4.00
13-23 pieces: $3.00
24+ pieces: $2.00
72+ pieces: $1.50
288+ pieces: $1.25
576+ pieces: $1.00 (6T)
Set-Up: $48.00
Individual books may be decorated for a $48 set up fee, and an individual rush charge of $6 net.

More Specifications
Minimum Orders: Please add $25.00 (T)
Artwork: Please provide artwork in any High Resolution Format. Artwork should be in color as to be printed in the book. For cover imprint, please provide camera ready black & white art sized to fit.
Artwork Charges: $48 hour as needed.
Spec Samples: Spec Samples will be billed at first column pricing plus set-up charges.
Production Time: Please allow 7 to 15 business days to ship your custom order. Uncustomized orders will ship immediately after receipt of your credit approved order.
Rush Orders: With prior factory approval, we will rush your order. Rush charges will be quoted prior to the order being accepted.
Errors: We are not responsible for typographical errors or artwork errors printed after approval of artwork is received.
Shipping: Drop Shipping is available for $8.00 (T) per address.
Returns: Due to the nature of our business and the business of our printing partners, we cannot accept the return of products once they are shipped from the publisher or our printers.
Cancellation: Billed for all work performed and costs incurred prior to cancellation plus $20 (T)
Trademark: Imprinter or Premium Book Company does not assume responsibility for determining who does or does not hold title to a trademark.
Terms: Credit terms will be extended after a credit check has been completed. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this process to be completed. Orders placed prior to credit terms being sent will require a prepayment of the order including freight. credit Cards are accepted.

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